BEWARE: Most of So Called Gurus Today Are Scammers and Liars!

By Edison On June 12, 2011 Under Personal Insights

The teaching and coaching industry is one of the most lucrative business today. That’s why so called GURUs are arising anywhere and everywhere. But always make your due diligence because most of the so called GURUs today are scammers and liars. Don’t just get fooled on what they offer. They will say a lot of promises and at the end they will under deliver it. You pay for a very expensive training or system and yet it’s nothing but just a worthless thing without any value you can find.

Find a GURU that over deliver value and make under promise. Don’t just throw your hard earned money on them! Always look for value, value, value, and research the worth of the value they are providing.

Gurus and Mentors

Here are some guidelines before you buy a training system to a GURU:

  • Make sure their communication are open to their student
  • They should be very transparent to their student
  • If problem arises make sure they are very transparent say the problem and ask for an apology immediately
  • Find a social proof such as testimonies or media appearances
  • They should offer a FREE value first before you buy to them such as FREE report, eBooks, manual, audio and video trainings, etc.
  • They must have a proven system or formula that already created results on their student.
  • Make sure their price is greater or equal to the value they give
  • Make sure they have detailed handout of their curriculum or module

What if the Guru or Mentor is just starting out on helping other people?

  • You make sure that his/her price is greater or equal to the value he/she if offering
  • You can also weigh his/her value through his/her free report, ebooks, manual, audio and video training he/she is offering
  • His/her social proof are the people around him/her. Check out his name on Google, Facebook or some social networking site.

I heard a lot of bad report about the so called GURUs today. They will charge you a very high fee training system without offering value first. Or sometimes under deliver of the system you are expecting so in the end you are not satisfied.

Always make you due diligence first before buying into their system.

P.S.: One more thing! most of paid GURUS don’t treat their student as client they treat them like BANK!


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  1. Gilbey
    June 12, 2011
    3:19 am

    Hey Ed,

    Thanks for sharing this post bro! this time im more aware to selecting the right guru. With this article you can help a lot of amateurs in the industry! More power, stay blessed.


  2. fatima
    June 14, 2011
    7:13 am

    this is when due diligence should start. research first before going into the pit. sometimes, “soon will close or limited seats” are part of the marketing strategy thats why most of us fall on their lure. and most of all, dont underestimate your instincts. most of the time they are true.

  3. Jonathan Ferrer
    July 2, 2011
    6:11 pm

    Hi Edison,

    Kamusta, kababayan :-) I’m impressed with you. I will be your follower. I think if you are with the right networking company and have great tools then you are on the road for financial freedom.

    I live in Vancouver, Canada. I would like to be in networking marketing. I was searching for “how to make an appointment over the phone by cold calling” then I find you. I understand the first step to promote my business is through friends and family but I realized they are not great prospect. I decided to find another way.

    We are featured in success from home magazine and over 25,000 people join every month. I am also affiliated of Forex Trader team. Please check my website to learn more. I will try to learn more about what you are offering and how we can help each other promote our business.

    Jonathan Ferrer
    Skype: jon4xtrader

  4. chris
    November 29, 2011
    3:52 am

    Thanks for these tips, Edison.
    As we seek for knowledge, we should seek this from the right sources – the true mentors.

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