Why the Government Hate Pyramid Scam??!

By Edison On May 7, 2011 Under Personal Insights

Why government hates pyramid scam?! It’s because they don’t make money from it. Any businesses that our government are not making profit from are considered illegal. But did you know that the greatest pyramid scam of all is our SOCIAL SECURITY SYSTEM (SSS)?


Few years ago GSIS depleted it’s fund. They reasoned out to the public that it was a system error but I don’t think so. GSIS and SSS are no difference from each other. I believe this is what many financial experts are saying about Social Security System (The Greatest Pyramid Scam of All)…. So why rely on our government for our living, they are just a bunch of puppets and scammers! Harness your gifting, talent and skill to make a living.

We have been given the POWER and the ability to produce wealth, So USE It!


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